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Service Courtesies/Policies

If we accidentally missed your bin on regular pickup, please email and we will do our best to timely come back to get it.

We provide service from your front porch because our bins tend to get stolen (or collected by the trash guys) from the alley. We keep our price low by having bins on the front porch as our standard service location. Our eyes are trained to find it there!

Our service is for one bin per customer per pickup. If you need a second bin, we are happy to deliver and provide service for that bin.

The first lost/stolen bin replacement is on us. You’ll incur the $9 fee for any additional replacements. (It’s only happened once in three years!)

We only pickup standard recyclable glass. No windows, plate glass, etc.

Please remember we expect bins to be sanitary – please keep glass clean of excessive amounts of food and no standing rain water in the bins. We will not take away bins full of stagnant water. If you need a new lid, we will happily replace for free.

If you need to take a break from service, we completely understand, but the setup fee will be incurred when service is resumed.